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Poem: We’ll Be Alright

We’ll Be Alright

We'll be alright" Prof. Rois Narvaez I am a flower waiting to bloom, But I hide myself in a gloom. Afraid to be seen by anyone, For I'm not glowing like everyone. I close my door and locks it up, Hard to trust people that suddenly pop, So I will wait for several knocks, Until I open my door that's been locked. I'm always good at hiding things, My thoughts, emotions and my fears. For expressing it is kinda scary, 'Cause people's judgements? I can't carry. I used to glow like other stars, But it was stolen and leave some scars, But lucky I have the fuel of fight, For I know someone loves my light. I know growing old will be like this, There's many sickness we can't missed. But I didn't forget to water myself, 'Cause I still love everything within myself. So for everyone who's not okay, Just keep on moving; you'll find your way. Those circumstances that you have face, Will guide you to a better place. There's abundance of problems we might face, So it is important to keep your pace, For there will be a better days, That will surely come with no delays. So let's rejoice and calm our minds, In every problems don't close your blinds. We got this all, we can provide. We'll win this fight, we'll be alright!


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