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Echoes of Empathy

Echoes of Empathy

In the classroom's hushed embrace, students learn,

Nurses-to-be, with eager hearts that yearn.

Their minds, like open windows, seek to see,

The depths within, where truth and self may be.

Through corridors, they tread with careful grace,

Their steps a dance of empathy, they trace.

Patient souls await, with stories untold,

In their eyes, mysteries and truths unfold.

They step into the wards, their hearts aflutter,

With hands that tremble, yet minds to utter,

The words of comfort, the touch of care,

A journey starting, beyond compare.

As nurses in training, they learn to see,

Beyond the surface, where truth may flee.

The burning passion guides their gaze,

To understand, in various ways.

With each encounter, mirrors start to clear,

Reflections merge, dispelling doubt and fear.

Awareness blooms, a flower in the sun,

As nurses learn, the healing has begun.

With every interaction, a bond is forged,

Between nurse and patient, souls engorged,

With understanding, compassion's call,

Echoes through the corridors, standing tall.

In this shared journey, empathy's embrace,

The nurses-to-be will find its rightful place.

From students to nurses, patients to be,

A symphony of understanding is free.

Self-awareness dawns, a beacon bright,

Guiding them through the darkest night.

From student to nurse, they seamlessly blend,

In the tapestry of care, they transcend.

Empathy blooms, a guiding light,

Illuminating paths both day and night.

In this dance of empathy, they find,

The beauty in the heart and in the mind.

So let their burning passion be their guide,

As they navigate life's wave and tide.

For in understanding self and others too,

They find the essence of what's true.


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