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5 Tips Develop Creative Thinking for Student Nurses

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

5 Tips Develop Creative Thinking for Student Nurses

Nursing students in the 21st century require creative thinking, a skill that is essential for developing ideas and problem-solving. Over the past few years, many nursing educators have devoted themselves to teaching how to enhance students' creative thinking. Most of the teachings were innovative to the teaching designs anchored on the nursing basics.

More and more people have come to realize the relevance of cultivating creative students of nursing students. Critical thinking is essential to provide practical, proficient, and safe nursing administration.

The nursing profession has its core, and one of those involves critical thinking. Nurses face daily decision-making that results in effective results and more favorable patient outcomes. Student nurses must learn critical thinking skills to develop effective decision-making. So here are the simple ways how to improve necessary thinking skills in nursing:

  • Practice self-awareness

Practicing self-awareness means considering morals, beliefs, ethics, and how you think. People who form analyzing habits tend to be more familiar with critical thinking. Student nurses must practice self-awareness to know their strengths and weaknesses and apply their knowledge of self as a compass to help them in decision-making.

  • Be brave and ask questions.

With an ever-growing profession, student nurses need to keep up. Critical thinking in nursing is an essential part of thinking; having the urge to ask questions and learn from others helps improve the skill. Asking questions is vital in providing valuable, informed decisions and analyzing the efficiency of patient care.

  • Observe self-reflection habit

Student nurses who practice self-reflection give more opportunities to explore and acknowledge mistakes and form new patterns of improved decision-making. Self-reflecting is an excellent way to practice critical thinking, impacting roles as a nursing student or professional nurse.

  • Join nursing organizations

Student nurses should understand the need to grow, learn and enhance skills. Nursing organizations offer opportunities that enable nurses with the same mindsets to encourage and challenge one another. Some professional organizations offer workshops and seminars on essential topics such as decision-making and critical thinking.

  • Learn how to evaluate facts

Critical thinking skills in nursing require you to distinguish the most relevant information to solve the problem or current situation. Decisions cannot be reached unless the data gathered is accurate. The information or data context is evaluated when critical thinking skills are applied. Hence, good decision-making makes a sound judgment.

  • Look for an experienced mentor

An experienced nurse can be a perfect source of information and knowledge. When more experienced nurses surround you, their experiences can be a great tool to build your foundation of success. Either take from their experiences or absorb their insight on providing quality care with developed critical thinking skills.


Effective patient care requires critical thinking in nursing. Other than the attributes mentioned in this article, other books, and sources focus on helping student nurses hone their necessary thinking skills. Student nurses must learn how to improve this skill to provide high-quality patient care needed in the medical professional world.


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