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Keep Your Spirits High

Keep Your Spirits High

Studying nursing is not that easy, It's not something that people always see. Nursing students may seem okay, But they can be really tired all day. Nursing course is notoriously difficult, It's like growing up becoming an adult. There's so many challenging things to do, Just like hospital duties that will surely knock you. Nursing requires more dedication to continue, And patience should be within you. You'll go beyond memorizing facts, That will take your time to relax. But we have strong warriors amidst the hard battle, Students nurse are born to be fighters. They can able to withstand difficult conditions, And can recover quickly to achieve their mission. Nursing students should not be weak, As other people rely on them their needs. They are the role model in resiliency, For they can fight consistently. Their minds are as strong as a tree, Hard to take down, as we can see. Whatever storm it will be, They can stand still and just be free. So for every student nurses out there, Keep your fighting spirit high. No matter how hard your course will be, It will be worth it in the future. Keep on moving forward, And don't forget to keep your head high. You'll surely get there someday, Just believe that it will happen one day. Continue to take your steps farther, And don't be afraid from the challenges along the way, As it will mold you and make you stronger, For you to become a successful one. So for you nursing students, Keep on chasing your dreams. Everyone believes that you'll achieve it someday, Hence hold your grasp 'cause you're already on your way! *This poem is inspired for 1F1 & 1F3 CEU Funda Lab Students*


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