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Poem: Someday

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Poem: Someday

Taking nursing isn't easy,

It's not all about white uniforms like you just see.

We got dirts all over us for being busy,

And in fact, in sleep? We are greedy.

We may seems like a cheerful type,

But smiling is just our way to hype.

We got so much things to memorize,

So a coffee's needed to be energized.

But I know everything will be put in place,

We just have to keep our pace,

Being a nurse is worth the wait,

So let's study hard, it would be great.

Studying can be hard and a perplexity ,

Like NCP, let’s make it SMART and take it easy,

There's no hard work that doesn't pay,

And it's exciting to be a hero someday!

Enthusiasm is a great foundation,

Love your dreams and you'll gain determination.

Always believe that you can achieve everything,

For you can do it 'cause you are something.

Imagine the person you're becoming,

You will be a nurse and you're shining!

Wearing those clean uniforms ready to serve,

Oh keep on wishing, you are heard!

No matter how stressful your course can be,

Don't just give up and you will see,

That in the future you are free,

Living your dream and what you wanted to be.

For all nursing students reading this,

Keep on fighting and move some steps.

In your journey you'll learn more things,

So for now, just spread your wings.

*This poem is exclusively done for my students at SPU Manila . Good luck in your endeavors. Keep inspiring, growing, and learning.


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