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Poem: On Your Way

On Your Way

A start of a new chapter is here,

Live in the present, there is nothing to fear,

Carpie diem, the exciting part is here,

A few steps closer to get a fulfilling career.

There might be adjustments to experience,

But I know that everyone will do their best.

I know you are good in coping things,

You'll be fine, just spread your wings.

Additional learning through lectures theoretically,

Very vital to to supplement knowledge progressively,

Partnering with simulation, skills lab, duties essential,

Seeing instructors on-site will be beneficial.

Studying can be hard sometimes,

You have dreams, so straighten your lines.

All your hard work will surely pay,

So be excited because you'll be a hero someday.

This type of learning may seem overwhelming,

So much work to do, initimidating yet fulfilling,

Everyone should believe that you can do it,

So stay still, be prepared and do not quit.

Taking nursing course isn't easy,

Everyone knows and can clearly see.

Developing competencies in nursing process,

Enhancing capability and readiness.

No matter how stressful learning can be,

Don't give up and you will see,

The future you wanted all this time,

Do your best and let yourselves shine.

To gain motivation, imagine the nurse you will be,

You will be a nurse and that's a sum,

Believe that you can achieve everything,

For you can do it 'cause you are something.

So for all nursing students out there,

Keep your steps and you'll be there.

You will be wearing a uniform someday,

Keep on dreaming, you're on your way.

*This poem is written to all of my senior students for their last 2 semesters for SY 2022-2023.

Good luck!


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