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Poem: From Aspiring to Inspiring


Well done hardworking one

Applause for passing the nursing board exam

All the sleepless nights you spent

Finally paid off, excellent!

Every sacrifice and persistence

You even learn to control your patience

Now you're one step closer to your dream

This is what you really imagined

You kept going and never gave up

No hardship will ever make you stop

In everything, you give your best shot

You deserve this achievement you got

It's a beautiful leap in your life, indeed

You can be proud of everything you did

Keep the courage and strength you have

Soon you're gonna do what you really love

You were once an aspiring nurse

From then it never changed your thirst

To follow what your heart desire

A nurse with compassion on fire

New beginnings and opportunities

And there are also uncertainties

Just keep believing in yourself

To every patient, you'll be of great help

You have conquered countless mountains

All your efforts are not in vain

It's been a long, long journey

But you made it, it's not that easy

Toast to your amazing achievement

As you become what you really meant

A nurse dedicated in serving

An inspiration to all aspiring

This piece was made for the recent board examinee passers, especially to all of my students.

To all those who did not make it: Never give up, never loose hope, never stop believing yourselves.


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