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Poem: A ThanksGiving Salute


Everyone's excited to celebrate

But you can't even take a break

While others are busy wrapping gifts

You're doing rounds with binder clips

Every patient you've taken care

Just so you know they're all aware

Of your sacrifices every single day

We truly appreciate you all the way

You are one of the reason

We can celebrate this season

With our loved ones at home

'Cause you treat them as your own

We're still inside the battlefield

But you make each day fun field

You sure know how to make them smile

And ease the pain even for a while

You keep your cool inside the PPE

Even though you're tired and weary

You do your duty with compassion

You even missed important occasion

Selfless love indeed is what I see

From the way you act, while gently

Touching and saving lives of people

For that we're forever grateful

To all Frontliners out there

For all the hard work you share

To all the nurses risking their lives

A Thanksgiving Salute for all your sacrifice

Your service to our countrymen

Will never be forgotten

Thank you for showing us the proof

Of what true heroes are made of

*For our new generation heroes, our frontliners. This piece is for you.


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