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5 Ways Nurses Should Adapt to Digital Future

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

5 Ways Nurses Should Adapt to Digital Future

Globally, digital technology is becoming more prevalent. Artificial intelligence (AI) mobile phones, social media platforms, the internet, and valuable applications used for the reliance of care significantly to the covid-19 pandemic. The healthcare industry without the efficiency of the nurses and compassionate character would be hard to imagine. As we all know, nurses play a vital role as first responders for patient care in and outside the emergency rooms. For this reason, nurses should adapt to a digital future and prepare future nurses to be digital-ready.

Nursing continues to provide value and importance to the healthcare system. The profession should take a primary concern to its role in knowledge and relationship with technologies and remain relevant in the healthcare system. Without planning and action, nursing will take a downward slide and miss an excellent opportunity to change from digital technology.

So, let’s take a look at how nurses should adapt to a digital future.

• Identify the barriers

First and foremost, it is essential to know the seamless digitization while achieving its goal of adapting to the future and working on how to minimize digital era challenges in the clinical setting.

• Take part in the digitization

A nurse has a grasp on the process and workflow faced by each nurse. A nurse practitioner should then understand the role of technology that will digitally replace a conventional practice. In more years to come, we can predict that nursing will continue to be integrative and valuable to healthcare systems. Therefore, the nursing profession must continue to reassess its role, interaction, and knowledge with the use of technology with patients for a digitally-enabled health care system.

•Adapt to a technology that is simple and user-friendly

Any change in the health care system should be based on daily operations, and it should be basic and efficient. When a traditional paper-based system in the nursing field is replaced with advanced technology, it is better to focus on providing a better experience for the nursing staff and patients.

• Reform and create nursing education

There should be an integrative educational opportunity for nursing students and professionals in informatics, data science, and digital health. An applied opportunity that includes chances to work with and learn how to use data science needs critical knowledge to support the goal.

•Re-envision the nurse-patient relationship

The healthcare system should reframe how nurses care and interact with patients in the digital world. There are various "do-it-yourself” wellness applications, virtual mental support, and personalized electronic genetic testing services. These may seem unconventional versus the traditional nursing role; however, patients increase empowerment, aiming for more personalized, self-management application that fits their hectic lifestyles because they are now more attuned to the internet.


Although the profession demands a cultural shift, the staff, nursing students, and other medical professional leaders must demand the evolution of digital systems and leadership to meet emerging and contemporary needs. These technology can be resourced, configured, and upgraded to respond better to patients. Nurses can have a practice system that provides simple to extensive knowledge to reinforce the digital workflow process that enhances health care optimization.


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