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Tips To Prepare for The Return Of Face-To-Face Classes of Nursing Students

Tips To Prepare for The Return Of Face-To-Face Classes of Nursing Students

It has been two years since COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on everyone's lives, particularly students' academic years were spent using distance learning methods that included modular, online, and blended learning. It became second nature to almost all of the students. Some are only awake for around ten minutes before their morning class. While in class, several of them were accustomed to using social media. Some of them merely complete a quick review because they've gotten into the habit of taking quizzes with their notes and books open. However, majority of the schools are resuming face-to-face classes, particularly for nursing students. Almost all of the students are in a mix of excitement and anxiety because they have grown accustomed to studying in the comfort of their own homes.

Here are a few tips for preparing for the return of face-to-face classes, especially for nursing students:

1. Be Literate to Government Safety Guidelines and Make Sure to Follow it.

As a nursing student, you should be one of those people aware of and understands the necessity of safety protocols. Even if the reintroduction of face-to-face classes occurs next year, in 2022, we should not be complacent. Perhaps the virus was still present, which is why we must protect ourselves, our classmates, and our teachers by wearing a face mask, maintaining a social distance, and adhering to other safety precautions. It's important to remember that we shouldn't merely study hard or study smart. We should learn safely in a secure environment!

2. Learn About Your School’s Guidelines, Policies, and Other Services

It is one of the essential guidelines you should follow if you were a freshman when distance learning began. Because you have not yet attended a face-to-face class at your college, you may know nothing or only a little about its guidelines, policies, and other services. It is now essential for you to understand it and become aware of it to continue to study without violating any rules. Even if you were in your second or third year when distance learning began, you should continue to explore and learn about what's new in your school's guidelines, policies, and other services, as well as the changes that have been introduced.

3. Do Some Workouts or Exercise at Home

Prepare your body. When face-to-face lessons resume, you may encounter more difficult duties and activities as a nursing student. After two years of distance learning, you know that your body has become accustomed to studying while sitting or lying down in bed. You didn't even bother to travel. As a result, when face-to-face classes resume, your body may be shocked. There, you'll have to endure another round of exhausting traveling and school activities. As a result, you must undertake some workout or exercise at home so that you do not have body pains when face-to-face classes resume.

4. Review Your Previous Lessons and Have an Advanced Reading

Aside from preparing your body, it would help if you also prepared your brain. A review and advanced reading of your past and upcoming lessons will be pretty beneficial in brain activity. Your brain must become more engaged in face-to-face classes. As a result, while you're still doing distance learning, you should use it to review and advance read your lectures.


To summarize, being a nursing student is never simple, whether classes are held online or in person. After overcoming the challenges of distance learning, you will now encounter new challenges as you return to face-to-face courses. Following these suggestions and tips can assist you in being prepared. These may assist you in being mentally and physically prepared for when face-to-face classes resume.


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