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The Right Kind of Care

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

The Right Kind of Care

Who are we gonna call,

When the pain is unbearable?

Where do you find comfort,

Upon knowing your life's gonna end short?

If a loved one is suffering

From an illness that is life-threatening

They need the right kind of service

The palliative or the hospice

For people with symptoms of long-running sickness

And their families are facing challenges

The care they really need the most

Is the one that improves the life of the host

Palliative care is the right approach

If an illness makes it hard to work and coach

This type of care helps you live

A life that is more active

For people who are not expected

To recover and get treated

It's about easing the pain and helping them prepare

Then hospice is the right kind of care

Families and caregivers look after

Nursing homes and hospital offer

The kind of care that also address

Grief of dying, emotions, sadness

Both are meant to bring some relief

When all there's left are their beliefs

They have important differences

But both are vital, and does make sense

Each year a lot of people are in need

Of these kind of service but indeed

Only small percent of them have received

While some just wait at home and grieve

These programs are essential components

To help them live even the last moment

Let them feel more in control of their lives

Even if they only have less of six months,or five

For patients and family support

To deal with their situations in comfort

That kind of need just goes to tell

Palliative and hospice care are important as well

*This poem was written during the World Hospice and Palliative Care Day


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