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Poem: We got this!

We got this! Feeling tired, feeling dizzy, Students feel so weak for being busy. Staying up all night with things to do, They need to finish it all because they have to. They always carry something heavy, Pressure from people makes them messy, All they can do is to prove something, For everyone to see that they're something. They need to excel in everything, They can't be a loser so they keep trying. They're breaking down but tape it up, For they're scared that no one will clap. So much problems they need to fix, And everyone knows how hard it is. But they're able to conquer it all, Even though how many times they fall. And that's how strong students are, They don't care about their scars. For they all know that everything's worth it, And all their hardships will not be wasted. Sometimes we have to bear some difficulties, Until we achieve the victories. So don't be afraid of the trials we face, For it guides us to be in the right place. Studying might stressed us out, But please believe that we can go throughout, In this huge bags in our back, Help yourself, let us unpack. For every of you reading this, Give yourself a tap on back and a bump on each others' fist. Just keep on going in chasing your dreams, Even though how far it seems - we got this! *This poem is written to all of my students and that despite facing academic challenges, they remain to have a positive and growth mindset


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