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Poem: Superheroes in White


When COVID-19 spread in town

All our lives have turned upside down

We didn't foresee that it'll happen around

Now what we wish is for the solution to be found

Everyone was put in strict order

Families were locked together, staying at home feels forever

Government official, health workers, even military and reporters

Trying their best to cut the plague and make it shorter

Everything has change, see and observe

But thanks to those frontliners who serve

Keep on working to flatten the curve

Again this is not the world we all deserve

Let's focus on the superheroes in white

Even the people to them are impolite, they act like it's all right.

Their efforts maybe are out of our sight

And can only be seen in the battle site

Imagine as days passes by

Even though they want to cry

Who are they to stop and just say an alibi

For them it is more better to get tired, than to see their patients saying goodbye

They serve all day all day and night, without any fright

They are dedicated to fight

Gives the whole world, guiding light

In this battle of life, they are the knights

With the invisible rival and were the battle is suicidal

All they care is people's survival

When in fact, their health is also vital

Good thing they have strength for this trial

Fighting, trying for everyone to survive

To make the world back to life, for us to live our lives

In this pandemic we will survive

To support them let's stay inside, and be in good vibes,

Let' s just thanks them for saving the society

Spend time in battle field instead with their family

We all should pray for their safety

The modern heroes, the stronger warriors undeniably

Hey superheroes in white,

our nurses -truly a pride

Your sacrifices should be recognized worldwide

Not with superpowers, not in cape, just a beautiful hearts inside.


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