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Poem: Perform to Learn

Perform to Learn When the bad news broke suddenly, It's the pandemic that we can now see. Seems like a curse that change many things, In different sectors, conflict begins. Education is one that's truly affected, That made online classes be projected. Physical books turns into gadgets, That students use and became their habits. The number of students starts reducing, Even the internet connection keeps loosing. Students are tired but still keep going, For they believe that change is coming. It's hard especially for nursing students, For their course isn't as easy as we imagine. They need to learn everything hands-on, To get things correctly on and on. Thus, face to face classes are implemented, For the nursing students to be effective, Especially in enhancing their knowledge and skills, That are very needed to avoid some thrills. Face to face classes provide something, And it's the essential experience they've been wanting, To touch human lives with the use of their hands, For that's the role that future nurses stands. They can't learn just by reading a book or the computer, Patients needs nurses that can perform better, Someone that's well-prepared for the future, To be able to give the best care for him/her. So for the future nurses out there, This pandemic may not be fair. But always remember to keep your pace, For the right time will come and will give you grace.


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