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Poem: One Call Away Hero


No one has to be alone in fear

Even when it last at least a year

They can have extra care if needed

Even at home while in their bed

If it requires ongoing medical attention

For physical or mental condition

This service provides in person visits

Communication and coordination care that fits

Multiple care providers are available

To help them reach their goals

A detailed electronic health record

To facilitate optimum care in accord

How nice to feel supported enough

Have a care team you can always contact

Help them manage their health effectively

Get them involved in decisions independently

A collaboration between engaged patients

And medical professionals for care management

A prepared team ready to serve

Your every concern is always heard

Today's time, we're distanced from one another

This service brings patient closer to doctors

Extended staff equipped indeed

Providing care tailored to patient's need

Every consultation to a care coordinator

Improves lifestyle conditioning and more

Transformative healthcare tech at your fingertips

They have answers the healthcare industry seeks

24/7 access to their care plan

Via portal or telephone at hand

Assisting in making proper judgement call

To serious conditions, an essential role

Interaction with every patient helps a lot

They have someone to talk to, that's enough

Although it's not of physical intervention

Their service is of great help, worthy of appreciation

They get a sense of what's occurring

On every patient's own well being

They are able to intervene instantly

Before it escalates severely

Yes it makes a difference

In an amazing kind of sense

They make every patient feel less alone

Motivate them to get better even on their own

Who are you gonna call?

A care team that won't let you fall

They got your back so you won't yield

They're surely an Ace in this battlefield

*This poem is written to the best team I ever had - CCM. You know who you are.


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