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Poem: Nursing Should Be Fun and Interesting

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Nursing Should Be Fun and Interesting

The new normal is in

The struggle is within

Online class is here

Somehow they feel near

There are so many adjustments

But thanks to technological enhancements

We can still educate students

With new methods and measurements

A detailed course outline

To keep everything aligned

Along with every lesson to learn

There are grades they still need to earn

Here is a great topic

For an aspiring nurse to begin with

Alteration in Fluid, moreover

Taking care of electrolyte and acid-base disorder

Next is Intensive care nursing

A topic so interesting

We'll define lots of terminology

Including nursing management and therapy

Empathy, comfort and meaningful care

We treat everyone considering and fair

Critical thinking, judgment and so much more

Help them ease the pain, and be a survivor

Alterations in so many functions

It'll surely get your attention

Respiratory, Renal, Musculoskeletal

Endocrine and Gastrointestinal

We also have laboratory activities

Exams, quizzes, and case studies

Let's make our every e-meeting fun

You'll learn so much in the long run


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