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Poem: Mentor of Health

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Mentor of Health

As time passes by

As the world improves, many had die

And many are still patients

That’s the reason why the science of health need improvements

A year ago,

We start to face the worst situation

Pandemic strikes the whole nation

Many had died, and many still want to try

We, nurses, have responded to our calling

Even when sometimes we experience suffering

We still work according to our passion

To promote healing, and death prevention

Yes, the world needs us today

Our knowledge in medicine and nursing

Our wisdom in healing

Our ability in caring—for other people

But behind all of this knowledge, wisdom, and ability

There’s a clinical instructor who helped us to be

What we are today

And what we will be tomorrow

They taught us how to end the sorrow

How to care, how to check

What to do, how to inject,

How to follow the rules and never reject

The call that’s been entrusted to us

They train and supervise

The future and beginner nurses that will rise

Sometimes, they get angry

To make us realize that we must not take it easy

Being a nurse is a heaheavy-duty

A grateful salute to all the clinical instructor

Thank you for being the mentor

Of health

Your wisdom and perseverance is truly a wealth

That cannot be compared to any amount of money


I dedicate this poem gratefully

To all the clinical instructor

And thanks be to you, our health’s mentor


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