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Poem: Heroes in the Making


Prof. Rois Narvaez

The cool breeze is reminding you

Holiday season is coming through

But you're busy with school works

Got no time chillin' with your folks

Virtual learning is a bit tiring

But keep in mind you're aspiring

To be someone they can rely on

Who will serve others with dedication

This is just your training ground

Someday you'll be all around

Helping your patients in the future

For now you need to learn the lecture

You wanna be a nurse one day

Just be sure you're gonna stay

It takes time, hard work and effort

But trust me, it sure has worth

When you're exhausted to the bone

And you have battles on your own

The strength you're building there

Will be useful on your duty as well

Every sacrifice you're doing now

Is like a preparation somehow

For when you become a nurse

You should know your priority first

In this difficult times you'll see

You made the right choice to be

A helping hand to the sick people

We need more of you in this battle

Keep going aspiring one

One day you'll become

A warrior who is ready

To always serve his country

*A piece written to the nursing students, especially to my students. May you have a blessed holidays and the upcoming new year!


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