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Poem: Burned Out, Yet Burning Bright


A year full of tragedy,

the world was shaken fully, 

with death and poverty,

that killed our fantasy,

to live happily,

without any calvary.

Death was all around,

making our hearts pound,

the world was shut down,

with a deafening sound,

without water we drowned,

such a moment of breakdown!

We are starved with hunger;

that make us madder,

draining our will-power,

to be hopeful believers,

but we faced great endeavors,

that made us survivors!

Yesterday still make us shake,

stabs painfully like a stake,

keeping us at night awake,

restless but never hopeless,

even inside we slowly break,

making our hearts ache.

So fight as we flight,

with all our might,

through day and night, 

giving our best shot,

even death pains a lot,

right exactly at the heart. 

Life is surely uncertain,

tomorrow could be a pouring rain,

or like a leaving train,

passing in a memory lane,

everyday is a hope to keep us sane,

even uncertainty could only bring us pain. 

We are not sure,

about the future,

we are not sure,

if we're still secured,

but one thing is sure,

that we'll continually endure.

We heal though we're scarred;

we comfort though we're scared,

we encourage despite ugly sides,

we light up the dark times with a smile,

even we can't hide,

that we are broken inside. 

We passionately served, 

but also being discriminated,

everyday we face defeat,

like a broken radio on repeat,

it shattered what we built,

crashing down our guilt. 

It's not easy to be one of us,

we got backlashes from our past,

we got scratches on our backs,

like a scar that lasts,

failure maybe always strikes,

but we remain strong like rocks.

We don't receive,

what we always give, 

but we strive and live,

to bring aid and relief,

we continue to breathe,

to fight for our oath and belief. 

Not all heroes wear capes,

some wear scrubs and coats,

not all heroes have weapon and  power,

some wield stethoscope to save others,

these scarred heroes may be burned out, yet burning bright.

This is a poem inspired to my students at UMak 4BN. Super proud of you.


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