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Poem: Boosting Your Armor

Boosting Your Armor

We encounter problems in our lives

And those problems can be a pointy knife,

That can make us feel the stress of it,

And that can leads to emotional damage.

Thus, it's important for us to know,

That there's a technique we can undergo.

The ability to handle stress properly,

Is what we need to live life comfortably.

Emotional resilience is what I mean,

It's an ability to adapt stress in every scene,

Having it can make our life easier,

Even the amount of problem is higher.

Since some of us are sensitive,

Especially when it comes to life difficulties,

It's better for us to boost our emotional resilience,

For us to have a good life to experience.

The lack of it might be hard,

Especially in keeping forward,

Because we experience life changes,

That we must handle in every stages.

There are ways to make you mentally stronger,

That can be helpful when life gets harder,

Also when we are under stress,

So here they are, I will confess.

In life, we must be optimistic,

Not the delusional but realistic,

The real word may be tough,

But having confidence in your abilities is enough.

Another one is facing our fears,

For they will eventually disappear,

Facing them makes them less frightening,

And you will be no longer running.

Those are the things that can help you,

To cope with problems and to get through.

Even though sometimes you want to give up,

But by calming your mind, you'll still be on top.

Emotional resilience is very important,

Thus, boosting it is significant.

Living life can be a hard battle,

But having a full armor won't make you rattle.

*This poem is inspired for my students in their webinar on Emotional resilience


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