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Poem: Be A Nurse, But Learn These First

Be A Nurse, But Learn These First

Technology-enhanced classroom

Google meet, MS Teams and even through Zoom

Internet access is a must nowadays

Wish we could go back to face-to-face

Modules and online classes are the ways

To learn and still manage to stay

At the comfort of their home

Safely studying through PC and phone

We, educators, can still teach

Technology makes it easy to reach

Simply follow the course outline

And everything else will be fine

Electrolyte and Acid-base balance

You need to learn to enhance

Nursing care of the client on board

Alteration in Fluid and everything in accord

Perioperative Nursing, next inline

Where surgical terminologies are define

Oncology and Hospice Nursing

Comfort care for all the suffering

Respiratory anatomy and physiology

Gastrointestinal and urinary

Endocrine and Musculoskeletal

Alterations in functions, assessment in physical

Not all clients are adults and old

They can be a child, a little one to hold

Caring for the pediatric client

Are the topics I recommend

Laboratory activities are also included

So you know what to do when it's needed

For now, you're an aspiring nurse, a student

Every lesson here will help you to what you're meant


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