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Poem: Appreciated, Not Take for Granted


It's been a year full of challenges

Feels like we've been through ages

A journey not so easy as it seems

You light the way when it dims

An educator by profession

But with a heart of passion

A guide to every aspiring student

A huge part of their development

You surely know their needs

And you're always on the lead

To pave the road of learning

Which is not an easy thing

To future nurses you handle

You are like a burning candle

Not only you pass them the light

You keep them going with all your might

Deadlines and requirements lining up

But you always leave an impact

You teach them not only by book

But from the heart, uncrooked

You have other things to do

Many work loads ahead of you

Yet you still show up to everyone

Like everything's under control and fine

As the world gets really rough

You remain cool and tough

You give reasons to smile and laugh

Making them feel supported enough

Your dedication is commendable

That's what makes you incredible

You inspire all aspiring nurse

To really finish their course

We're grateful to all nurse educators

For guiding our future health workers

Your service is so much appreciated

It will never be taken for granted

Short, but it's a much needed break

You deserve more, go ahead and take

Some rest and unwinding of the mind

For the whole year of work and grind

*This piece is for all the nursing educators for their passion, hardwork and dedication during these unprecedented times. You are appreciated! Have a blessed holidays!


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