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Passed the Nursing Board Exam. What’s next?

Passed the Nursing Board Exam? What’s next?

Congratulations! You are now officially a Registered Nurse and about to start an extremely rewarding and fulfilling career! But go get treat yourselves and a little break to relax, unwind first as you take into the next steps.

It must be an overwhelming feeling that this could be the fresh start of all the achievements you could ever have. As you move forward, you begin to find a healthcare institution where you can start gaining some experience the actual clinical setting. During the pandemic, the need for front liners, especially nurses, are very in-demand due to the workforce shortage. The International Council of Nursing estimates up to 13 million of nurses will be needed to fill the nurse shortage gap globally, especially in the Philippines.

Finding Your First Job

You can now set aside your reviewers, books, notecards, and study guides. Now is the time to focus on applying all the skills, knowledge, and experiences to start practicing your new career. So, what comes next and what can you expect? Most of the hospitals and healthcare facilities hire new grads. Other health care facilities offer nurse residency program, trainings b to develop your skills and communication. These are typically offered so you can be oriented once you do the actual patient interaction experience.

Get Exposed

For new nurses, you will find an endless opportunity, so you must be flexible and ambitious. For example, you may start in acute care in the Medical-Surgical area. You must get experience in an environment that gives growth, learning, and support as you get through the learning curve of a newly registered nurse. Also, consider getting additional certifications that can boost your credentials. For example, take steps to get BLS and ACLS certification to build your skills and curriculum vitae.

Build Connections

For a nurse, building connections such as volunteering has often been considered a noble job for, they are willing to give their time, energy, attention, and skills to help others. Nurses often explore these opportunities for they say there are obvious perks of volunteering such as a sense of achievement, professional growth, and recognition. Volunteering also provides an opportunity to participate and enhance your skills. Establish connections with your former professors, join a nursing organization and groups to have a feeling of belongingness.


The time you have now is precious, so keep in mind that while it may seem urgent, you still have to be selective about how you choose your first experience as you officially enter the workforce. Always keep in mind that to be competent in what you do, remember the role of being an advocate for patients is the most important thing. Welcome to the career of continuous lifelong learning and we welcome you aboard! You can certainly make a difference!


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