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Poem: Duty in a Silver Lining

Duty in a Silver Lining

They've burned their time in late-night hours

Whilst others are safe and sound

Their eyes have seen tragic moments under the stars

Integrity, stewardship, and excellence could be found

Nurses are heroes with compassion as well

Light as a feather– the way they care

For all the sleepless nights and hopeless days might be unfair

Nurses can be the diary of untold stories to tell

They ain't perfect and accurate at all times

tiring days, ward pressure, and dozen dimes

Yet one thing for sure

A nurse's care is more than the splendid treasure

Screams, cries, sorrow deaths, and hopelessness have been

Their eyes are more than what people have seen

In return, they make the world better

And safeguard patients in a place safer


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