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Poem: Hope of the Country

Hope of the Country

Dr. Rizal, the famous hero once said

“The youth is the hope of the country”

And that youth is none other than you and me

Them and us

A year ago, something unexpected happened

This pandemic has threatened

Every single individual

It affects our life politically, economically

And most of all, educationally

Yes, nowadays, being a student is too heavy

But do we know that being a teacher is not also that easy?

The sufferings that the students are experiencing right now

Are the same sufferings that the teachers endure just to fulfill their vow

Of doing their best

So the student won’t make themselves feel less

And uneducated

The teachers were still dedicated

Pressured and drained, but still motivated

Despite of the pandemic that interrupted

Their goal to make their students educated

Passionate and loving

Considerate, and understanding

Smart and forgiving

Patient and caring

That is who you are

Teachers, we, your students have come this far

Because of you

Because your love is true

Your love for your students

Your love for your family

Your love for your duty

And your love for this country

Assuredly, you deserve gratitude and respect

Sooner or later you’ll see the effect

Of what you have done for the youth

You are part of their success and that’s the truth

Rizal didn’t make a mistake on what he said

Teachers are the modern hero who laid

Their life, knowledge, and passion

To train and educate this generation

Yes the youths are the hope of this country

And molding them is the honorable teacher’s duty


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