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9 Examination Tips For Student Nurses

9 Examination Tips For Student Nurses

Keynotes for the Preparation to Ace The Nursing Licensure Exam

Responding Q&As in the nursing school is just a small part of preparing for the board examination. To grasp the diverse areas of nursing, all that is required is dedication to nursing course or "studying with such a passion." One should have that tremendous mentality & trust in oneself. Since you're going to make a vision, make it a grandiose dream. Aspire not merely of completing the board test, but of acing it. Create a goal with yourself and work diligently to attain it.

1. Choose a trusted review center. This is a vital component in getting a higher score because of the center’s quality training and practice. It can help you to study better if one does have a great support system in supplemental education and preparation

2. Familiarize with the exam. PNLE board exams are not just pure memorization. It requires a great deal of critical thinking and familiarity. Thus, students can somehow be equipped to familiarize themselves with what might be the exam.

3. Develop a study plan. Nursing review centers usually have schedules for topics and discussions, but it is generalized. You need to have an individualized study habit after the debate. This can help you retain the information also.

4. Go beyond the practice questions. Practice question exams are the best way to train yourself to be prepared. It is a way to hone your thinking skills as well. A student can look up to the questions they answered correctly and consider each item’s rationale.

5. Don’t overanalyze the question. Some students overanalyze the question that makes it difficult to answer. Analyzing is good, but overdoing it can strain your mind, and it shall be the last thing you want in taking the nursing examinations.

6. Engage in study groups. Group study may be effective in acquiring information and brainstorming.

7. Have proper time management. Students tend to procrastinate or cram in taking an answer or even reviewing the examinations. Do not be in a hurry but also don’t spend a lot of time on one question. Sixty seconds or less shall be a good goal to shoot for.

8. Positivity is the key. A negative aura will get you nowhere. Therefore, it is essential to know that you have all the potential to be deserving to pass and get a spot in the nursing field. Trust your abilities and everything will follow.

9. Be physically and mentally prepared. It is not only important that students are trained well in sufficient information but we also want to be holistically fit in terms of our physical and mental state. Try to breathe and calm your nerves out once in a while to release the stress and tension.


Being a nurse is hard. Thus, preparing to be one shall have a great determination and grit to move forward and prepare to get that last two letters in each aspiring nursing students. It is a byproduct of hard work and persistence fueled by the passion and skills to do so. These tips might just be a stepping stone towards a good and efficient examination taking yet it also depends to one’s heart and desire to thrive, develop and grow in the nursing field.


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