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5 Tips to Increase your Productivity as a Nursing Student

5 Tips to Increase your Productivity as a Nursing Student

Nursing school is quite challenging. Whether you are a new student or a fresh graduate student, the number of hours to study while learning to care for patients is an understatement. Typically, nursing students feel like they pour their maximum effort at school and home and would often fall short in two worlds. Energy and time management can help alleviate stress and helps ensure task completion, and, more importantly, improve the way of life.

Here are some simple strategies to work smart and maximize productivity:

Tip 1: Manage your time

Now, there is a reason why this is the first habit to acquire. A successful person knows that this is the most important thing to learn. Studying, family obligations, and balancing classes take some serious strategies.

It is better if you take down notes and break each time and decide what needs to be done first. For example, are you going to sleep for eight hours a day? Or can you only sleep for seven? Sound sleep is a foundation of a healthy, active nursing school experience, so do not mess it up.

Tip 2: Concentrate

Nursing students should know how to multi-task effectively. With today's technology, getting distracted by alerts or notifications is easy and often harder to get on track. Truth is, everyone is struggling at multitasking. Get rid of distractions by shutting down your phone, music, or TV (even if you only turn it on for background noise). When you put your head on studying, you can finish faster.

Tip 3: Set Realistic Goals

Want to be more successful in reaching your goals? Just keep it real. Sure you need to study for three hours every day but can that be possible? How about setting a habit like studying one major and one minor subject? You will probably feel better about yourself when you make realistic goals.

Tip 4: Assess the period of productivity

Are you a morning person? A night owl? Or do you feel sluggish after lunch? Identify your energy levels and assess your prime period of productivity. During your peak energy times, focus on a high-priority or challenging task and do the mundane routine to energy lulls.

Tip 5: Study Effectively

Some students tend to cram for a test, and sometimes it works. But in nursing, you need to have a full grasp of the learnings and how you will put it to application. Your reasoning skills will be enhanced, and making the right choices in different situations is necessary, not just guessing "A" or "B" on a test. That is why studying smart is needed. Practice, effective studying, and avoiding distractions are controllable and realistic.


No matter how challenging it can be, managing time, concentrating, setting realistic goals, assessing the period of productivity, and studying effectively will keep you active, happy, and healthy while you earn your nursing degree. Good habit formation can make school much easier while you stay productive.


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