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5 Tips to Decrease Academic Burn Out for Nursing Students

5 Tips to Decrease Academic Burn Out for Nursing Students

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone hard, and it has had a lot of negative consequences, especially for students. Education is already difficult and depressing. However , courses are forced to switch to virtual, modular, and remote learning when a pandemic strikes. Almost every student suffers from academic burnout. Nursing students, particularly those nearing graduation, suffer from more severe academic burnout. In addition to thesis writing and other tasks, they are students who must demonstrate what they are learning as future nurses.

Academic burnout and stress cannot be avoided. It is part of the life of the student. However, there are some tips to decrease it.

1. Apply What You Learn

Nursing students were taught the value of good health. As a result, they should apply it to their daily lives. They should take care of themselves and love themselves to stay healthy. Their brain may minimize stress by resting if they get enough sleep.

2. Manage Your Time

Whether a student, an employee or a professional, everyone needs to manage their time well. In this case, time management can be highly beneficial to students in reducing academic burnout. Most students' worst enemies are cramming and procrastination. These factors cause their already-laden works to become even more loaded. They occasionally fail to pass on time. Another concern is idleness. Because of the unpleasant environment, most students have become unmotivated to complete their schoolwork. They should, however, know how to value their time as future nurses. Set up a time or create a schedule for each work, and stick to it no matter what. You'll be able to manage not just your time but also your strength in that situation.

3. Prioritize the Most Important

As a student, what’s essential is your school works. It would be best to prioritize it over your hobbies, such as surfing on social media and online games. If you know that you still have an unfinished task, leave what makes you busy and prioritize your studies. Often, professors gave tasks simultaneously. A lot of students get stressed because of deadlines. As a tip, you should prioritize the most important, commonly on significant subjects, and that task whose deadline is near.

4. Have Some Inspiration

Inspiration can be a person, a thing, or a dream. In these times, a nursing student should be inspired. Now, who can be your inspiration as a student? It can be your mother, father, your entire family, your loved one, or your dream itself. When the time comes that you experience stress and academic burnout, when you look at this inspiration of yours, you will be inspired to keep going and do your best until you reach success.

5. Learn to Motivate Yourself

Not all the time; there is someone there for you. So, you must learn how to motivate yourself. Self-motivation may sound depressing, but this is one of the most effective ways to reduce academic burnout. If you know how to motivate yourself, you will always be cheered up even without the help of others. To do this, you should always fill your mind with positivity and keep yourself focused on your goal, which is to be a successful nurse someday.


In conclusion, every student, especially the nursing ones, is experiencing academic burnout. It is inevitable, but you can lessen it if you choose to. If you do these tips, you’ll still experience hardships because that’s life. But these tips may help you find studying enjoyable, inspiring, and motivating. Always remember that to succeed, you must not only study hard but also study smart


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