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5 Golden Advice for Getting Through the First Year as a Nurse

5 Golden Advice for Getting Through the First Year as a Nurse

It is pretty normal to feel nervous on your first day as a nurse. Feeling anxious is normal and experienced by all new nurses. Many obstacles that may not have been realized while in school may not compare to the first year working as a nurse. Whether you are having a hard time securing your first job or have landed the job of your dream, the first year of any nurse is strenuous. The reality may hit you as a professional nurse to start thinking, did you make the right decision to become a nurse? Will I succeed?

The time has come when you can now apply every theory you have learned. Often, your first day at work will be full of uncertainties. Somehow, look at the brighter side and be enthusiastic.

1. Be okay with not knowing everything

Breathe, take it easy on yourself and allow yourself to be a beginner. It is okay if you do not master every procedure and hospital protocol at once. The work environment will be far different from what you got used to at school while transitioning and embracing the changes.

2. Find a mentor

New nurses receive an orientation to their new careers. A mentor is someone experienced and can be a trusted adviser. Often, mentorship is part of orientation for all new nurses to the profession. With the right mindset and mentorship, pieces of advice can be successfully incorporated into the new role. Soon, you'll realize you are now a seasoned nurse and will be able to give tips to the newbies on your unit.

3. Be a Team Player

It is natural for nurses to stick together. You should join to good ones too. Sometimes things can get a little strenuous. It will be helpful if you have your fellow nurse for encouragement and advice. Encourage them. You can help other nurses in need and soon will reap the benefits of a covered shift when you need it.

4. Avoid Rushing

Do not rush. Sometimes, listening to patients, taking notes from doctors, and administering medication can be overwhelming. It is better to take your time and ask for clarification during your first year as a nurse.

5. Take time to recharge

A nursing job can be very demanding and often affect you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is crucial to give your body an extra boost of charge throughout the day and full charge overnight. So for everything that you may feel, prepare yourself to deal with it, such as avoiding burnout. Take a vacation, get a hobby, or spend some time alone.


Smile and believe that you will make it and will survive every tomorrow. There will be days that are challenging. Remember to stay positive on these days. Even an experienced nurse has terrible days. You can make a list of the things that went well during your day. Before you know it, your first year as a nurse will fly. You will begin to feel more confident and will be on your way to becoming an expert nurse.


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