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3 Things Nursing Students Can Do to Boost Confidence

3 Things Nursing Students Can Do to Boost Confidence

You may compare your confidence level now to how it was when you were just starting your nursing program. You may ask yourself this, "Do I have the same level of confidence as I have had on day one?" Often, the answer is "No."

Nursing school can be intimidating and easier to lose the confidence and self-esteem that you have built on your first day. We have been to experiences and situations that blow our confidence. For example, you may have had experienced a scenario when you were interrupted while talking in front of groups or you felt terrified when you were presenting a difficult topic from the textbook. As nursing students, we have all experienced performing tasks that are new and often uncomfortable or something you have never tried before. Sometimes it doesn't go as planned. When these happen, you may be skeptical and question your abilities as a future nurse.

These circumstances happen to almost everyone. Here are the three key tips that are often effective to help maintain and boost confidence whenever there is a struggle in nursing school.

Recognize and work on your weaknesses.

One of the most salient ways to lift your trust in yourself is to work on things that make you struggle the most. Practice one thing you're not good at one hundred times. When you practice a skill that makes you feel least confident, you will eventually get better at it. By honing your skill, even when you are not so good at it, by practicing, you will gradually boost confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Compliment others.

I know what you're thinking. "How does complimenting others help me with lifting confidence?" Few would say that there is a significant gain from complimenting others and staying positive. It does feel awesome getting compliments and even greater when you give them, too. Positivity is contagious and easier to spread. By complimenting others, you are creating a warm and inviting environment. This gesture may boost your confidence as well as with people around you.

Limit the negativity.

Try to eliminate negative people and add positive ones to your life. It can be easier said than done, especially when the negative ones are your friends or relatives. You can change your environment and surround yourself with positivity. It is up to you to start setting boundaries or limits. When you surround yourself with positive people, your confidence can increase inadvertently.


Gaining confidence takes time. Even when you graduate, confidence is still a work in progress. In Nursing, you will not know everything at once a hundred percent. It takes experience to consolidate your knowledge, practice your skills, and become more confident within your chosen course. So, enjoy your journey. Everyone has different paces to build their confidence.


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