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10 Qualities of a Good Nurse

10 Qualities of a Good Nurse

Nursing is without a doubt a noble and rewarding career. It takes a very special person to be a great nurse, yet not everyone can handle the stress, pressure, and demands that come with this vital role. Those who choose to pursue nursing find it an incredibly rewarding profession. Being a nurse is hard and a field that can be extremely demanding.

Nurses are required to be helpful and compassionate and can make delicate decisions and administer appropriate medical care to patients when there is no doctor present. Aside from Education that plays a huge role in ensuring professional knowledge in administering care, certain qualities make an exceptional one.

So, if you are considering a career in nursing, here are the top ten qualities to make a good nurse.

1. Empathy

A nurse has to handle patients through stressful situations. Nurses are more present when dealing with patients while doctors spend a few minutes, hence, nurses' emotional support is crucial in a patient feel cared for. A good nurse can empathize with a patient to meet the patient’s needs, relate to their experiences and what they’re going through.

2. Communication Skills

An exceptional communication skill is one of the most critical qualities a nurse should possess. This skill is a necessity for every nurse. A good nurse must have outstanding listening and speaking skills because most of his or her work relies on these two factors.

3. Fast Problem-Solving Abilities

A nurse needs to have a quick ability to anticipate and deal with problems before they arise. A good nurse needs to be prepared to provide solutions when speaking to patients' families, communicating with doctors, comforting patients, or communicating with administrative technicians.

4. A good sense of humor

Finding humor in a stressful situation is not easy, yet nurses who can crack humor to mitigate stressful situations are a gem. When you incorporate elements of fun and humor to work and enjoy you will keep going through tough times.

5. Organized

Nurses are accountable for documenting critical pre and post-patient medical information. A good nurse is highly organized and able to keep track of the record, data, medications, and able to retain information. Being highly organized helps a nurse to do a job efficiently and enables focus on patients.

6. Hard-working

A good nurse is naturally hard working. One of the common reasons why nurses get fired is slacking off. When a nurse is passionate about the task, the result is a good outcome.

7. Interpersonal Skills

Another one of the most critical qualities a nurse needs to have is remarkable interpersonal skills. Nurses deals with doctors and patients. They also need to deal with other nurses and staff members effectively.

8. Emotional stability

A nurse’s daily activity can be a roller coaster ride. Often it depends on the work environment, while some may experience extreme happiness, heartbreak, and sadness in a single shift. It is vital to maintain emotional stability that can administer quality care.

9. Physically and mentally strong

Being a nurse means getting a little or no break at all. A nurse may need to have outstanding physical and mental endurance to get through the day.

10. A caring nature

A good nurse truly and deeply cares for the patients. A nurse should have a natural ability to comfort and support ill people, vulnerable or scared. When you have all of these, it makes a perfect key to being a successful nurse. Patients highly appreciate your caring nature as you will form a bond that only exists in the nursing career.


What makes a good nurse? We know for a fact that it can be extremely demanding to those who pursue the career. If you have these traits, then you will truly perform. The above qualities are what make a nurse so special and good at their job. Indeed, nursing is a rewarding career like no other.


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